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There really is place for everyone

Lately I got a message from someone who read my blog why everyone has a personal brand. She wrote me with the question: can i start business? On the one hand she felt very sure about her strong preferences and own vision, but on the other hand she didn’t quite know if she was alone in that. There are certain rules when it comes to telling stories, doing marketing or building a business on which depends your success. But what I know for sure, is that there really is place for everyone.

Girls and Corpses, Pigs & Mobile Shitting

I used to work in a global market research company in the media industry. I remember the big post office room where all the magazines came in for us to process. Not only was the amount of those magazines big, we also got a laugh at the many niche related sorts of magazines available in this world.

If you have a good look around you, you can find magazines on sleeping pigs, energetic horses, sloppy roommates. It’s like such a big and diverse business! Let’s have a look…


International Pig Topics is the leading global technical pig magazine and it is distributed to pig producers around the world. It focuses on technical aspects of pig production that can impact the profitability of an operation such as breeding, nutrition and disease control. Its Focus on Research section and Pig HealthBYTES, which is also distributed electronically, are particularly appreciated by swine veterinarians. Sister titles of interest to swine professionals include International Meat Topics and International Food Hygiene.

Mobile Shitting

Yes folks… This magazine is about people who deal in mobile shitting equipment. Can it get any crazier?! The magazine is literally about how you can collect shit in a more efficient way. Industry executives use them to observe business trends and to share ideas.

If you go to their website you can read the latest version online.

Girls and Corpses

Okay, this is by far the most creepy one. It’s called: Girls and Corpses. The magazines collects comical news about dead people and scary things alongside beautiful girls. The magazine follows the idea that if you put nice girls next to anything, – even dead bodies – it will sell.

So all in all, those magazines are read by certain people. People from all kinds of industries, with a certain kind of humor, from all around the world, wanting all kind of things and although the quirkiness of it, are not alone in that.


I sometimes compare a blog or even a business with having a magazine. We tell stories that relate to people, wherever they are in their lives. We bring worlds to life and give people the words they need to feel understanded.

I cannot say that the niche of the pigs is a big one – Let’s say 3000 readers – but it’s big enough to speak to those people and print a valuable product for them. It really is all about engagement and for sure not the size of the group of people you’re trying to serve.


So can I start business? What I know for sure, is that there really is place for everyone. Embrace yourself and your odd and quirky preferences and go for it. If there’s place for a magazine about girls and corpses, I’m sure you will find your niche as well. The sky is the limit.

Share your thoughts down below. Do you also ask yourself that one question: can I start business, and what is your answer to that?

Coming SOON.

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