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How this business idea can help allergic people live their best lives

I think the great thing about technology is that it can make the impossible possible in many ways. For me, the creation of the allergy tester called the Nima Sensor is a great example of that.   

How it all started

The founders of this portable device started off with a clear mission. Due to their own struggle with food allergies and gluten intolerance, Scott Sundvor and Shireen Yates started to think about a way to make it much easier for people with allergies to live their healthiest selves. 

After the mission statement settled, both developed a clear vision for the business: what about a device that gives people the power to really know what’s in their food? 

The founders envisioned someting completely new to the world. It became a sensor that allows consumers with allergies to quickly test for proteins they want to avoid, before they start eating.  Basically you scan your food and just wait for the display to give you the answer.

Since I’ve been struggling with allergies all my life, I know how exciting it is to go to a restaurant without any worry. Just scan your food and wait for the smiley to come… can you imagine? How great is that?! I’m truly obsessed with this tech invention; I have to say!  There is a peanut-version coming up and hopefully there will be a allergy tester for detecting nuts in future. Leave a comment down below to let me know what kind of allergy you have!   

And even though the vision behind the invention sounds really great and very innovative, you may find it hard to believe that this tech piece actually works. But it does, since it meets every European standard.

I price Yireen Yates and Scott Sundvor for their audacity. In Time Yireen let us know that what she envisioned was labeled as practically unfeasible. Due to her tenacity, imagination and perseverance, she worked her way out and found a connection with valuable people like scientists and tech specialists to make her way to the top.   

What you see happening in the world is that this audacity is available to more and more organizations as technology shifts from “could it be done?” to: “do we have the guts?”. You only need some great ideas and some brave people to conquer the world.  

Go check this allergy tester outBig opportunity for all allergic people!

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